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Fire Ant

Text: The red imported fire ant has a painful sting
Sizing: Various sizes (ussually 1/8in – 1/4in)
Nesting: The Fire Ant usually produce mounds outdoors in sunny areas. These colonies can grow to hundreds of thousands very quickly.
Location: Found throughout the Southern United States
Diet: This ant eats almost any animal or plant, but prefers a high protein meal.

Crazy Ant

Text: Dark brown to black, but this ant appears dark bluish as a result of its grey hairs. This ant is easy to identify by its quick and erratic movements
Sizing: 1/10 inch
Nesting: These ants normally nest far from their foraging area, they are highly adaptable when it comes to nesting, they can nest comfortably in both dry and moist environments. The crazy ant’s nests can be found in cavities in plant/tree life, rotted wood, under soil (under objects on top of soil)
Location: Found throughout United States
Diet: This ant prefers high protein diet in summer months and honeydew producing homopterans in spring and fall seasons.

Carpenter Ant

Text: This ant comes in a variety of colors (black,tan, red) which can make them difficult to identify
Sizing: These ants also come in various sizes, usually from 1/4in – 1/2in
Nesting: Outdoors – The Carpenter Ant dead wood in trees or firewood and fence posts. (though they don’t eat wood at all)
Indoors – they build colonies in wall voids, foam insulation, eaves, and crawlspaces.
Location: Found throughout the United States
Diet: These ants Feed on insects, insect secretions during the summer. They often invade structures in spring and fall looking for other food sources. (like sugar)

Big Headed Ant

Text: There are several dozen different species of this ant, ranging in colors from light brown to dark red. These are very active foragers, so trails of these ants along pathways is a common sighting. These ants are rarely found nesting indoors.
Sizing: 1/16 in & 1/8 in
Nesting: These ants are rarely found indoors but if they are inside, they would prefer to nest under the carpet. Outdoors they prefer sheltered areas such as under logs or under porches.
Location: Found throughout United States
Diet: Feeds on insects, protein, grease, sweets, seeds.

Acrobat Ant

Text: Light to dark brownish, these ants can be distinguished by their heart shaped abdomens.
Nesting: Outdoors – commonly nest in soil, leaves, or wood
Indoors – Structure voids and insulation
Location: Found throughout United States
Diet: Eats almost anything, prefers high protein and sweets (sugars)