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Cockroach Extermination

Florida is well known for its Palmetto bugs, or cockroaches. These bugs love dark and cool tempered environments. These could be infecting your home or business, reproducing and growing their numbers every week. Don’t let a Palmetto bug infestation go unnoticed and untreated, call Perfect Pest today!

Ant Control

The Red Pavement Ant is a member of the Formicidae family, they live in extremely large colonies containing at least several hundred thousand members. They build their nest in extensive underground cave like systems, that are centralized around one queen, who’s job is to constantly lay eggs for a living. Needless to say, this can lead to very quick reproduction and if un checked, a very large ant infestation.

Rodant Removal

Perfect Pest of SW Florida are experts at removing rodents from the premises. Rodents can carry dangerous diseases like rabies and should not be tolerated at any home or business. Some rodents, such a rats, can have huge litters of newborns and can grow to extreme numbers, in a short amount of time, if left un-treated. Don’t hesitate, give our rodent specialist a call today.

Mosquito Extermination

Mosquitoes can carry harmful and even deadly diseases, and the infestation of these blood suckers should not be tolerated around and home or business. Mosquitoes generally lay their eggs in still fresh water areas, so flooding, pooled water, or any other abscess of water is the perfect breeding ground for the Florida mosquito.
Perfect Pest of SW Florida is extremely proficient at neutralizing the threat of a mosquito invasion, we know where to look for mosquito breeding ground, but also what to look for, to prevent this from happening in the future. Call our team today and get a FREE inspection of your property for the harmful insects.
We use only the safest chemicals while cleaning our clients homes and businesses. All of our pest control of 100% child and pet friendly.

Bee and Wasp Control

Florida sure does have beautiful weather, and spring is in the air.. unfortunately this also means bees, wasps and hornets are foraging as well. Florida has a variety of these bees and wasps including the Bald Faced Hornet, Black & Yellow Mud Dauber, Blue Winged Wasp, Honey Bee, Leucospid Wasp, just to name a few.

Different species of these bees, wasps, and hornets can require different treatment to achieve the desired long term effect. Not to worry Perfect Pest of SW Florida knows all the various species of these stinger happy insects and has the tools to handle any job.

Give us a call for a FREE nest inspection of your property!