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Perfect Pest Control of SW Florida


Are you looking for a professional pest removal or exterminator service that can properly exterminate the swarm of roaches in your house? Call us today and redeem your living space from pests.

Our general pest control treatments treat for southwest Florida’s most common invaders and will eliminate the most common insect pests from your home or commercial property.

Perfect Pest Control of SW FL offers free inspections of homes. During this process our professionals will look for signs of infestation of various kinds of pests. We service homes, apartment complexes, businesses, offices, construction sites, and home owner associations.

Over 50 years combined experience

Perfect Pest Control of S.W FL Inc has been in business in South West Florida since 1983. We know your area and even more important, we know the pests and rodents that infect your area. We are trained, licensed, and courteous professionals, with a staff that has a combined experience of over 50 years, exterminating Florida pests and rodents.

Fire Ants

Red Fire ants have been dominating the Florida landscape ever since Florida was accidentally introduced to Red fire ants in 1918. Don’t put up with them any longer, ask about our fire ant services


Florida is truly the sunshine state, and surrounded by warm waters, of course this means breeding grounds for mosquito are everywhere. Mosquitoes can carry harmful diseases and should not be tolerated around any home or business.


From rodents such as rats and mice, to more “common pests” such as palmetto bugs, ants, bed bugs, and fleas, Perfect Pest Control of S.W FL has you covered.